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All articles listed below are in .pdf format. Simply click on either the icon or the title to download the entire article. If you cannot access the files and need the .pdf reader, click here (it's free!).

"Wisdom Books," Bartholomew

"Hermeneutics," Bartholomew

"In front of the Text: The Quest of Hermeneutics," Bartholomew

"Notes Toward a Framework for Missional Hermeneutic," Goheen

"A Critical Examination of David Bosch's Missional Reading of Luke," Goheen

"Covenant and Creation: Covenant Overload or Covenantal Deconstruction," Bartholomew

"The Urgency of Reading the Bible as One Story in the 21st Century," Goheen

"A God for Life, and Not Just for Christmas," Bartholomew

"Table in the Wilderness," Bartholomew

"A New Heaven and A New Earth: The Case for a Holistic Reading of the Biblical Story of Redemption," Richard Middleton

"A Call to an Ancient Evangelical Future," Weber, et al

"Systematic Theology," Michael Williams

"The Book and the Story," N.T. Wright

"The Bible for the Post Modern World," N.T. Wright

"It Seems to Me," Lesslie Newbigin

"On Authority," Lesslie Newbigin

"The Bible: Good News for Secularised People," Lesslie Newbigin

"(Re)New(ed) Creation: The End of the Story," Goheen

"How Can the Bible be Authoritative?" N.T. Wright

"The Story-Line of the Bible," Bartholomew & Goheen

"Story and Biblical Theology," Bartholomew & Goheen

"The Power of the Gospel and the Renewal of Scholarship," Goheen

"Reading the Bible as One Story," Goheen

"Living into God's Story," Eugene Peterson

"Our World Belongs to God," Christian Reformed Church

"The Cross and Our Calling," Redeemer University College

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